Yearly Archive 2018

What about Social Media?

Social media, as we wanted to use it, was ideal for getting information out quickly and efficiently. An instant billboard, I suppose, direct to people’s phones.

Apparently there is not the option to keep the ‘community’ within the confines of those who use the park. To this end, most of those ‘checking-in’ were not here at all and probably had no idea that they had checked-in to the wrong place.  It turns out, that people can check-in without even being in the locality which is a bit strange.

Although nothing being posted was particularly bad, some of it isn’t what goes on here!

Other people, and many of them, have been raising this issue for years and nothing is being done. It also became apparent, that unknown to us, Facebook had opened some other pages on our behalf, with variations of our name. Nice of them to let us know!!

Particularly with how things are around privacy, photos, security, data etc. we would like the content on social media not to upset or cause offense to anyone or leave anyone vulnerable in any way. We have always been very careful about what we post and we can only assure you that we do our best to keep anything offensive away from any social media platforms.