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How To Find Us

Edgewater Holiday park lies on the A2 coastal road between Clough and Killough. From Clough, just follow the sign for Tyrella Beach along the Blackstaff Road (A2). Continue approximately 2 miles past Tyrella. We are on the right just through Minerstown.

NOTE: For those with Sat Nav, using postcode recognition, most units seem to place us approximately 0.9 miles to the East of where we actually are.

Use Mapcode for easily finding our exact location using later model satnavs, phones and tablets.



  • BT30 8LR


  • (GBR Ref) DK8G.JBY
  • (IRL Ref) XY.90GD

Decimal Co-ordinates

  • 54.25203032484605 LAT
  • -5.712178707122803 LNG

Degree Co-ordinates

  • LAT 54 ° 15' 7.3" N
  • LNG 5 ° 42' 43.84" W

Loc8 Code

  • J8C-30-PZ8

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