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Terms & Conditions

By using the wireless internet access you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions...

1.1 Acceptable Internet Use: the browsing or downloading of material of an illegal or offensive nature is not permitted. This includes but is not limited to: copyrighted movies, music (mp3's), or software, hacking/cracking material, or adult material. There are no exceptions to this policy. A full list of services that have been blocked are listed in the Denied Services section below.

1.2 Minors: Tokens will not be issued to children under the age of 12.

2.1 CCTV recording: is in operation in all wifi enabled areas for the protection of our customers, staff and equipment.

2.2 Customer confidentiality: Edgewater Holiday Park does not accept any liability to customers or third parties for breaches of confidentiality due to technological reasons outside the reasonable control of Edgewater Holiday Park, or breaches caused by customers to third parties. Customers are required to comply with all applicable laws and contractual obligations concerning confidentiality and data protection.

2.3 Customer's Personal Property: Edgewater Holiday Park does not accept responsibility for customer property and to the extent reasonable excludes liability for the loss, damage or theft of any customer property brought onto the premises. Customers are reminded not to leave any personal property unattended.

3.1 Food and Drink Policy: customers are not permitted to bring food and/or drinks into wifi enabled areas. Customers are not permitted to consume alcohol on the premises.

13.2 Noise Policy: we permit the reasonable use of mobile phones and personal music equipment on the premises, but we kindly ask all customers to be respectful and considerate of the people around them. We reserve the right to ask customers to refrain from such action where it is affecting other customers or our staff.

3.3 Customer conduct: Edgewater Holiday Park reserves the right at its discretion to ask customers to refrain from poor conduct or to leave its premises in an untidy manner. Conduct which may give rise to such action includes but is not limited to breaches or potential breaches of any applicable laws, regulations or contractual obligations, conduct which affects other customers or our staff, conduct which puts our equipment or wireless access at risk, or breaches or potential breaches of any of our terms and conditions.

3.4 Refunds:

Internet Service - Edgewater Holiday Park Internet Service is provided on an 'internet connection only' basis and is not responsible for any external web sites or services. Refunds (or discounts) will not be given for unsuccessful attempts to connect to any external website or service. External sites and services are beyond our control.

3.5 Alterations: Edgewater Holiday Park may alter these terms and conditions at its discretion.


Denied Services

VoIP & Video Conferencing
Video & Music Streaming
Web and Peer2Peer File Sharing
Online Gaming
Online Backups
Software & Antivirus updates
Adult content

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