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Weather at Edgewater



See us in Weather Underground


Weather underground is a web based collection of private and government weatherstations from all over the world. It offers an interesting window on the weather, in real time, for any location. Edgewater Holiday Park has been a member for some years.


Weather Forecasts


Although none seem able to forecast our area accuratly, these are the best we can get! The Met Office base their readings from Aldergrove, and I guess that the BBC Weather Forecasts interpret the Met Office data!


Tide Times


This link takes you to Tide Times for Newcastle. Once inside the Admiralty website, you can easliy change the location to that which you require. Browse the site; there is lots of interesting information contained therein. Our beach tide time is slightly different. When I find out by how much, I will post it here. Remember the times are Standard Local Time and are equal to UTC

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