Recycling at Edgewater

Recycling at Edgewater

Newry Mourne & Down Council, are now, after much preparation, in full swing with recycling collections. For many years, we had a facility on the park for the collection of recyclable materials but now this has come into law and everyone must do their bit to contribute.

We have been moving the collection area around to try to make it as easy as possible for all users and the layout at present seems to be working well without too far to walk between the different bins.

Our bins here on the park are only provided for waste produced from ordinary day to day requirements such as drink cans/bottles, food packaging, toiletries, food etc.

Soft furnishings, packaging,  boxes (not food related), ornaments bedding, furniture, old toys etc are not be be placed into our bins but should be taken to the local Recycling Centre. Locations and opening times can be found here:

The new centre in Downpatrick is due to be open in June of this year and is on the corner as you would have turned in to the existing centre by Ballymote.

Most of the caravan owners on the park have been given information provided by the council which is quite informative. This must be followed. It has been made very clear to us, that any bin contaminated by the incorrect items will not be collected and this will cause serious issues so please sort your rubbish carefully.

There are just a couple of items that we wish to do differently to the council information:

  • The Council states that food waste may be place loose in the BROWN bins. Please don’t! These are only collected fortnightly and loose food will be rotten, stinking and hairy with mould. this is not hygienic or pleasant to look at. Compostable bags are available from the office and must be used. For as long as the council provide them, we are happy to pass them on with no charge.
  • Glass jars and bottles can go into the BLUE bins. This is true but we have a bottle bank for these items. Using the bottle bank reduces the volume in the BLUE bins, reduces the weight for lifting and saves a sorting process to recycle. For noise consideration, please only use during the ‘awake’ part of the day as displayed on the bottle bank. Currently 10 am ’till 9pm.
  • Aluminium drinks cans can go into the BLUE bins but we have set one aside solely for aluminium drinks cans. Again this saves considerably on volume and saves a sorting process later on.

For a comprehensive list and latest information, use the links below to the council pages for dos and don’ts:


Food waste including soiled cardboard food packaging such as pizza boxes. Card must be torn into small pieces.


Dry Recyclables


Only items that don’t fit the other categories. This is the left over stuff that will probably go to landfill.


Some items may cause confusion so please ask how they should be sorted. If we are not sure, we will ask the council to clarify and compile a list on here.

Some of the items that are being placed into the BLUE recycling bins and should NOT be include: nappies, tissues, kitchen roll, sweet wrappers, crisp bags, nut type bags, polystyrene (any shape), polythene of any type, cling film (all films), carrier bags (no plastic bags at all), bin liners, Dog poo. Yes, used nappies and dog poo have been placed for recycling! Lovely for the sorting personnel!

Dog poo goes into the BLACK non recyclable bins. Not the BLUE or BROWN bins!

Questions that have been asked regarding what can be recycled:

Takeaway type coffee cups…..YES

Cardboard/paper type egg boxes and trays…..YES