Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 Update

It is nice to be open again with few imposed restrictions, however, this covid virus has not gone away.  Here in NI, it is now being recognised that most infections are of the Delta,India, variation, more easily transmitted and care does still need to be taken.

It is advised that distancing, hand hygiene and restricted mixing should still be observed and we would ask everyone to limit the number of visitors and guests that they invite on to the park. It is a case of The More, The Merrier, for the virus.

There should be no one entering the park without specific invitation of the caravan owner or without making contact with the Office. Intercoms are at the barrier and on the office for use during office hours for enquiries and, of course, there is always the telephone.

We all need to do our bit and get this Covid situation under control.

Thank you.