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We are pleased that the park is once more up and running but as is required at this time, we have had to introduce restrictions to follow guidance for Covid-19. At the moment, we can only accommodate caravan owners and their families. Should you wish to view the park, we do have to operate an appointment system to ensure everyone’s safety so please call beforehand. Thank you.


Although we have supported recycling in the park for many years or more, my heart sank when informed by the Newry Mourne and Down Council that the whole procedure was becoming Law. That’s not to say that we were in any way against it! Yes, there are always going to be a couple who won’t play ball but by far, the majority of our caravan owners have taken it on board and we are doing very well at it. Very well indeed!

We are in the process of constructing a full information page on the website to display answers to some of the questions being asked. Keep an eye open!



What about Social Media?

Social media is ideal for getting information out quickly and efficiently. An instant billboard, I suppose, direct to people’s phones!

It’s difficult to stay up to speed as this media platform develops and even harder to keep everything fully updated. At present, we primarily use Facebook as everyone has it, and within that platform run two accounts.

Our Business PAGE, Edgewater Holiday Park, carries information that may be of interest to everyone including local events and activities, relevant news items etc.

Our CLOSED GROUP is solely for caravan owners or those who use a caravan as if it were their own, here on the park. Any information for the CLOSED GROUP would only be of interest to those same people.

Paddling at Edgewater

A perfect morning for a paddle about and as they say in the best pantomimes “it’s behind you” !