Winterisation & General Maintenance

caravan winterisationAlthough our weather in the summer months can be a bit unpredictable it cannot be compared to some of the angry storms that we endure over the winter.

We have endeavoured over the years to encourage you to take home all loose outside articles and damage caused by flying objects has significantly reduced. Prior to closing, we do check around the park and if any items are out that we believe would pose a risk, you will be requested to remove said items before the park closure date. Glass table tops are prone to being lifted and should not be left outside no matter how much you may think you have secured them!

Points to check:

  • Strong winds are inevitable; all loose items should be taken home or locked away in storage boxes or in the caravan.
  • Please remember that nothing is to be stored beneath the caravan.
  • Check guttering and replace missing or broken brackets.
  • Look for loose panels, particularly along the lower edge, in the body and roof of your caravan. A few minor repairs could prevent some serious damage.
  • Check door hinges run free. Stiff hinges are prone to breaking and can cause the frame to twist away from the panel breaking the water seal.
  • Visually check the sealant around doors and windows. If dry and cracked, re-sealing may be required.
  • Check your skylights are securely closed. A cable tie inside will prevent them rattling loose and a sandbag will hold the lid on.
  • Ensure all windows are properly fastened.
  • Ensure all lights are switched off.
  • Do not store gas bottles inside the caravan.
  • Ensure storage boxes are securely fastened.
  • Remove batteries from remotes, clocks, radios etc. as many become damaged though corrosion. Store any spare batteries in a plastic container as these can leak also.
  • Take home any valuable items.
  • Leave curtains or blinds open to show nothing of value is in the caravan.

Protection from Frost:

Freezing is by far the biggest risk and can write off your caravan. Caravans should be drained of domestic hot and cold water.

Wet central heating systems should be protected from frost with adequate anti-freeze. Check the details of your insurance policy.

If you have wet Central Heating and want us to test your anti-freeze concentration, please do not disconnect your gas as we have to fire up the system. If you wish us to drain your caravan for you, please do not obstruct the bathroom, shower room, toilet, boiler or kitchen as we need to access all taps and plug holes in order to drain and protect your caravan properly. Likewise, please don’t turn off your electric at the consumer unit or flush the toilets. We would have to turn it back on and wait for the cisterns to fill before we can drain the caravan.
Fridges and freezers should be turned off, thawed, dried and left with the doors ajar. Complete this before you leave. To leave them thawing once you have gone generates more problems with floods from the resulting water!

The electrical supply to the caravan will be switched off on the 1st November.

All preparations for winterising your caravan should be carried out and completed prior to the closing date. Access is limited Monday to Friday by appointment during the closed season.

Many of you use salt to absorb moisture. Ensure the container is LARGE enough to accommodate the amount of water collected. You would be surprised! Don’t use paper plates!!