Wireless Internet

Internet Access

At Edgewater Holiday Park we now offer a wireless hot spot for internet access at the laundry and games room building. If you wish to avail of this service you will need to obtain a Token from the office during normal office opening hours. If you don’t have a token you won’t be able to gain internet access.

Please note: By using the wireless internet you are agreeing to the terms and conditions which are available online and on request from the office.


Where Can I Get Access

Wireless network coverage is currently available within the Laundry Room and the Games Room. There is limited coverage just outside these rooms, but connectivity is not guraranteed.


How Much Does It Cost

Pre-paid tokens are available for:

FREE for caravan owners and immediate family, i.e. their children (over 12 years)

Visitors and extended family:
£2 for 7 days
£6 for 30 days

Once a token is submitted, it is only valid for the device used to submit the token. It is not possible to use the token on other devices. The days count down from when the token is first submitted and will expire 7 or 30 calendar days after the submission date.


I Am Connected But Cant Access Video/Music/File Sharing…

Due to the broadband limitations in rural areas, the overall speed provided by the service provider means that the network services allowed are restricted. You will be OK to browse web pages, access emails and more but high data throughput applications such as Video Streaming (e.g. Youtube, Netflix), Video Conferencing (e.g. Cisco Webex), Filesharing, Peer2Peer sharing and music streaming are blocked.  Adult content is also blocked.  Please view the terms and conditions for a full list of applications & services that are unavailable.


I Am Having Trouble Getting Connected

How to get connected:
– Goto your wifi settings and select the EdgewaterHolidayPark WiFi wireless network
– Open up a browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc)
– Enter a website address  – must be http:// (not https://), e.g. http://www.google.co.uk
– You will then see the Edgewater Wireless login page
– Enter your token code and click continue
– You are now connected

Apple Devices
On occasion, Apple devices popup with their own login page which causes issues. If you are experiencing this then try the following:
– Start again and connect to the EdgewaterHolidayPark WiFi network
– If prompted with an error message, click OK
– At the top right click the option to Cancel
– You should then be prompted with a number of options at the bottom, click on Use Without Internet
– Click on the devices home button (iphones and ipads)
– Open the Safari browser
– Navigate to a webpage – must be http:// (not https://), e.g. http://www.google.co.uk
– You will then see the Edgewater Wireless login page
– Enter your token code and click continue
– You are now connected